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Bigture Studio_Commercial Photography Service KL Malaysia

TVC stills: a captivating collection of photographs, carefully crafted amidst the bustling motion production of television commercials. These remarkable images serve as a visual delight, encapsulating the emotions and ambiance of your commercial within a single frame. With their versatility and compelling appeal, they find their place in press packages, billboards, social media, and websites, seamlessly integrating into your advertising campaign.

At Bigture Studio, we recognize the value of time, particularly during on-set operations. Patience becomes our virtue as we navigate through tight schedules, ensuring that every precious moment is utilized to its fullest potential. By actively participating in pre-production meetings, we gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the TV ad production process. This allows us to synchronize our efforts with the talents' availability, comprehending the specific TVC stills desired by our esteemed clients.

Effective communication and seamless coordination lie at the heart of our approach. We collaborate closely with the director, advertising agency, motion crews, art department, and wardrobe specialists, both prior to and during the shoot. By fostering a flexible mindset and a willingness to adapt, we seamlessly integrate ourselves into the principal TV ad production. Our responsibility extends beyond capturing captivating shots; we strive to remain inconspicuous during production while ensuring that our images fulfill our clients' requirements. These visuals serve as powerful tools for selling products, making an impact in retail environments, or documenting the talents on set for engaging social media posts.

Every shoot presents its own unique challenges, making scheduling a critical aspect of our workflow. To maximize our time and potential, we diligently arrive early to secure on-set portraits and meticulously plan the set-ups for still photography. By preparing in advance, we position ourselves to capture the perfect shot, even if we have only a fleeting few minutes before the talents are called back to the TV ad production.

If your business or TVC production company seeks the expertise of an experienced TVC stills photographer, whether for key scene stills or character portraits, look no further than Bigture Studio. Allow us to embark on this collaborative journey, crafting imagery that will ignite conversations and elevate your next television commercial or social media campaign to unparalleled heights. Contact us today, and let the magic of Bigture Studio begin.

Bigture Studio_Commercial Photography Service KL Malaysia
Bigture Studio_Commercial Photography Service KL Malaysia
Bigture Studio_Commercial Photography Service KL Malaysia
“TVC stills are a set of photographs taken on or off the set of a television commercial during motion production.”
Bigture Studio_Commercial Photography Service KL Malaysia


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Bigture Studio_Commercial Photography Service KL Malaysia
Bigture Studio_Commercial Photography Service KL Malaysia
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